In the poem Eden Rock and Walking Away i will be telling you about the way that the poet uses moments of separation to show us how there loved ones leaving there parents and how it affects them. In the poem Eden Rock the moments of separation is presented as traumatic for the child because […]

How is love presented in ‘Neutral Tones’ by Thomas hardy? Love is presented as cursed and haunted in the poem Neutral Tones by using different metaphors and quotations to justify what has been written in the poem. The poem is presented as cursed because it gives us the idea that because they have broken up […]

The book that i am currently reading is called the London Eye Mystery. What happens in the book is a boy called Salim and one of his friends along with his sister go to the London Eye for the first because they really wanted to go. Then what happens is Salim enters the Pod of […]

In my opinion I would make my setting be in an abandoned hospital and the reason why I choose that is because if you think of a hospital that hasn’t been in use for many years you will picture in your head it being a place that has chairs scattered on the floor,broken windows,broken doors […]

The type of theme that I will pursue in my extended reading project this year are types of books that have little mysterious twists in them because those are the types of books that really interests me and make me want to keep on reading more of the book. Some books that have little twists […]

Stevenson presents Jekyll as desperate in chapter 5 by using different types of langeues to make him look as if he is desperate. Some of the language that Stevenson uses to make Jekyll seem as if he is desperate is adverbs. In the text it said ‘there[…]sat Dr Jekyll, looking deadly sick’ and the adverb […]

2) If I thought someone dangerous was threatening my closest friend I would go up and talk to them and find out what is actually going on between him and my friend and then if things are really bad then I will get the police involved in the matter straight away. If my partner thought […]

┬áThe London eye mystery is about a young boy called Ted and his cousin called Salim who go to the London eye. What happens in the book is Salim boarded the London eye like any other person but when it was time to get off he never showed up so he had just vanished off […]

William Shakespeare explores the idea of fate using different types of languages in his play Romeo and Juliet. There are certain methods he uses to add fate into his writing, the way he made characters speak in the play helps a lot because one of his main methods for using fate are metaphors. “He that […]